Statement of Business Conduct & Ethics code


International Knitwear Limited being engaged in the export of garments and providing dyeing facilities is:

  • Committed to provide quality products and services to all its local and international customers.
  • Further committed to comply with all applicable Regulatory and Customers’ requirements, thereby ensuring achievement of customers’ continuous satisfaction.
  • An equal opportunity employer which does not differentiate between its employees on the basis of cast, creed, sex or religious affiliations.
  • Always willing, through a liberal training policy, to educate, train and groom its employees to enhance their professionalism, commitment and personal growth leading to achievement of greater goals.

Committed to the well-being of its employees by adopting generous welfare policies and practices.
In return International Knitwear Limited expects from its employees that:

  • As representatives of the Company they must at all times behave appropriately and strictly follow all rules and regulations of the Company.
  • They must devote their time, attention, abilities and energy exclusively for the performance of their duties and must not engage themselves in any other occupation, business or employment whatsoever without prior written consent of the Company.
  • They must not disclose any confidential information pertaining to the business of the Company to any person inside or outside the company.
  • They must protect all records, reports and other published or unpublished documents of the Company and promptly hand over all these to the Company upon leaving, for whatever reason, the employment of the Company. They must not also remove any or all of the said records, reports and documents from the premises of the Company without appropriate authorization.