Public Limited
Incorporated in 1990

International Knitwear Limited (IKL), Karachi is a complete vertical knitwear setup producing and marketing the finest range of quality knitwear products.

CUSTOMER CONFIDENCE With a deep resolve to pursue excellence in the knitwear industry, IKL has earned the confidence of international brands, store chains and satisfied customers worldwide since the past 14 years. The basis of our success lies in the contentment of our valued clientele.

CONTEMPORARY VERTICAL SETUP With in-house knitting, dyeing and stitching facilities, IKL is on the road to greater reliance, shorter lead times, competitive prices and excellence in quality.

SUPERIOR KNITWEAR PRODUCTS IKL is a quality conscious company where each product undergoes stringent in-house quality checks and inspection processes at every stage of its creation.

SHORT RUN - HIGH VALUE PRODUCTS IKL also specializes in short runs of High Value products for customers with special requirements in quality, quantity and fabric wash effects.